Child Custody & Support Lawyers Norfolk, Virginia

Who did what, who’s right, who’s wrong, who gets this, who gets that — these are the questions of divorce.

No one ever said divorce would be easy. But what many have said, and what might be the best piece of advice about divorce you’ll ever receive, is this:

If you can keep the kids out of court — do it.

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Divorce and Child Custody Attorney — Norfolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Suffolk and Virginia Beach

Our firm helps people in the Tidewater  area to manage the divorce process and all the difficult issues and emotions that go with it. We seek to resolve child custody, visitation and child support issues through negotiation and mediation between the parents rather than in the courtroom.

Our child custody attorneys Norfolk, VA will help you stay focused on the best interests of your children while you resolve the issues of child custody, visitation and support with your spouse. We will also work to get you through this difficult transition period in your life and strive to put you, and your children, in a better position to move forward with your lives.

We also provide Guardian ad litem representation on behalf of minors with interests at stake in judicial proceedings.

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