Elder Law Attorneys Norfolk, Virginia

What goes along with the absolutes of death and taxes is we all will grow old.  Unfortunately, most of us spend our lives just trying to stay on top of everyday living and the last thing we focus on is “our golden years”!

Many folks will also care and provide for their parents and in-laws.  In years past Elder Law was considered by many as simply planning on how to deal with assets in relation to Medicaid.  Today the practice has grown considerably more complex; for example, it may include Financial Planning and Security, Housing considerations, Nursing Facilities, Home Care, Conservators, Guardians, Trusts, and extended care.

We believe that any plan having to do with our futures or for the caring of loved ones must be carefully thought out giving due consideration to the individual and their financial situation while maintaining family unity and harmony.  This can be a very difficult time where family members disagree and relationships become very volatile.

Our approach is to LISTEN FIRST and then present viable options.  For example, if there is concern that a parent may suffer from dementia at some future point then you may be looking at the costly option of pursuing a Guardian and Conservator; however, a more economical approach may be to start with a DURABLE Power of Attorney that identifies an agent that could act on the loved one’s behalf if necessary.  We take the time to explain the process in detail so that everyone can embrace the chosen course.

“I had the absolute honor of sharing my home with my Father-in-law until he passed earlier this year at the age of 93.  We set up his daughter’s as co-agents’ where they handled his finances and all of his affairs through a Durable Power-of-Attorney.  This allowed “OB” to enjoy his days, visiting, tending his garden, and playing with his beloved Isabela, without the aggravation of dealing with ‘life’ and being assured his interests were protected.”

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